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We'll help you see where Arizona’s public education dollars come from, as well as how, when, where, and for what purpose they are spent, down to individual districts or schools.

Photograph of a student sitting in a classroom, taking notes and looking at a teacher in the foreground. Other students at their desks are shown slightly out of focus in the background.

Transparency Increases Accountability

The State of Arizona created to provide dynamic, 360-degree views of education dollars flowing through, or spent by Arizona's K-12 education system, making more detailed information available to more people, more quickly, and in more useful ways.

How We Started

Arizona School Spending was created by an act of the Arizona Legislature, to maintain compliance with federal education grant assurances and provide more public information in all aspects of education finance. This website produces no data; but rather, provides graphs and charts of Education Finance data collected and summarized by the Arizona Department of Education, subject to Arizona Revised Statutes and Unified System of Financial Records.

The Result provides different views of the same education finance data, unique to specific user roles which can be changed at will to produce different perspectives on the same data.