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Content Disclaimer


This website is maintained by the Arizona Department of Administration, Strategic Enterprise Technology Division (ADOA-ASET). This site, and the information it contains, comply with A.R.S. § 15-747.

Although reasonable and appropriate measures to maintain the timeliness and accuracy of the School Financial Transparency Portal (the Portal), the financial data provided has been neither reviewed nor audited and may contain errors, omissions, or misstatements. Financial data presented may not fairly, completely, or accurately represent an entity's financial position or the results of its operations. Some information, deemed to be confidential, is either not presented or presented in such a way as to maintain legal confidentiality.


The information presented by the School Financial Transparency Portal represents revenues and expenditures as recorded by the Arizona Department of Education. Detailed revenue and expenditure information is maintained in their separate internal accounting systems. Both School and District level accounting information may be held and maintained in separate internal accounting systems with no information provided to the Arizona Department of Education or the Arizona Department of Administration.

This site is intended to provide additional information to augment reporting provided by the Arizona Department of Education and Local Education Agencies. The Arizona Department of Administration can in no way guarantee, authenticate, validate, or be held responsible for the accuracy of the data provided in the portal and serves only as the portal's digital curator. The accuracy and validity of information for any K-12 Education institution on the site is the responsibility of that entity.


Links to various other websites may be provided on the Portal, solely for convenience. No entity affiliated with, employed by, or constituting part of the State or Arizona warrants, endorses, assures the accuracy of, or accepts liability for the content of the websites to which links are provided.